Thursday, May 11, 2006

My newest

So today was mom and dad's drawing class and they did so good! We started with color washes in ink. We put color where we thought the objects would go. And then with pecil or india ink we started with one of the objects and put it in relation to all the other objects. Ultimately finding how wrong our first impressions of how things look really is. This technique also is very freeing because everything always ends up outside the lines.

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Tara said...

Showed Mom and Dad your blog! Both enjoyed the visit.

We had a good day. The kids are so thrilled at having Mom and Dad here. I told Mom and Dad that tears will be shed tomorrow night at tuck-in time. I do wish we could get together on a regular basis.

Mom helped me to get my window boxes planted with petunias. We also worked on the back porch organinzing toys in a piece of furniture I have been waiting to put out there. It looks much better. Mom gave me some ideas to brighten the patio, so I hope I will follow through.

Love you!