Thursday, June 29, 2006

Imagine my embarrasment when...

I ran over the lawn mower with the suburban.
I was running out in the middle of that big rain storm. It was coming down in sheets and I absolutely hate being wet unless I am swimming or bathing. So I was running to the car and totally missed the fact that Will had moved the lawn mower up near the house so it wouldn't get stolen.
I went forward and got stuck and when I felt the car not moving forward any more I backed up and went forward again. Only to get stuck again. In a car this big you don't feel anything at all and I just thought the wheels were spinning because of all the water. So I got out and this is what I saw.
I am so lucky that my husband thought it was funny. He has picked on me since the incident and I feel this will be a story I may not live down.

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gray la gran said...

way to go!!!! i adore you both :)