Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Short and Sweet Shrug

I finally finished a project. I am classic about having 10 crochet projects going and never finishing one of them. I decided after being inspired by Miss Grey ( see haphazardknitter on my links area) that I wouldn't start anything new until I got at least this piece done.
This pattern is the Short and Sweet Bolero in the Happy Hooker book. I think that the pattern is pretty straight forward but I found many mistakes. Mistakes that someone experienced would spot and be able to figure out easily...but not so great a pattern for the beginners.
And the shells turn out really nice. All in all I loved making this project. These pictures are right after I blocked the sweater.
I am giving it to my mom and hopefully it will fit her perfectly!
I am getting ready to make the cowboy hat in this book and the Jolly Roger for my sweetie for his trip to London. He needs something warm to wear for all those cold rainy days in the rain capital of Europe.

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gray la gran said...

wow! you DID finish! it looks great. i love the shocking orange. makes me want to cast on for my orange cardigan. :)