Monday, January 15, 2007

Our little crackhead

We went to the beach this weekend and had a fabulous time. It was at least 70 degrees everyday and we frolicked in the sun....well, we lazily walked and read books in tank tops and shorts in the sun. I actually got a burnt nose much to my delight. We also were lucky enough to have a fastly made friend our seagull that we just had to name Crackhead. He approached us the first day we spread out our blankets on the beach asking for food. We were quick to give up triscuits, cheese doodles, green peppers, etc....until Will got the crazy idea to feed the gull squeeze cheese. I was against this of course, because of the fact that squeeze cheese is not cheese and I was wondering what a load of chemicals would do to the poor seagulls stomach. Will pointed out that they eat do french fries and seem to be thriving.
Well guess what?
He loved the cheese! Who wouldn't? I love squeeze cheese!
Well the next day guess who was waiting for us? Crackhead. He got the name because of the voracious way he ate the cheese and then begged for more. He also made quite a spectacle of claiming us as his humans by chasing off every other seagull and bird that came within 50 feet. He even got hold of the plastic bag that contained the squeeze cheese and dragged it across the sand trying to get at the crack ( s.cheese).
Well here he is! In all of his splendor eating said crack.
**** please note that no animals were harmed during our stay at Salter Path. We said a fond goodbye to Crackhead and he was flying after some other gulls who thought that they could encroach on his territory.

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