Wednesday, March 12, 2008

London Town

We are in London!
We came in a week ago from today and have been working really hard at seeing everything possible before we have to go home on Saturday. Yesterday we just got back from a puddle jump to Ireland where we stayed mostly in Dublin but took a side trip to Glendalough (pro. Glen-da-loo).
It was an amazing trip, very ethereal and much magic surrounded the place.
We definately felt a little undone by the graveyard and the wrath of the Irish weather as rains came and went all day as well as high winds and sunshine. We climbed to a couple of cliffs where we could look out over the lake from high above. On the first cliff I hid a piece of work somewhere in the trees for a hiker to find after their arduous climb up 590 long and steep steps to the top. I have pictures of the trip that I will post when we get home.
Now, it is off to the tower of London to satisfy my grisly curriosity about that strange place.
Also we may get to spot the raven family that has been living there for 5 generations!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea -- to hide a treasure for a stranger to find!

I love London. It's just such an interesting city. One of my favorite places is the London Library and Museum, where a whole bunch of interesting manuscripts and documents are kept. There's the Magna Carta and other ancient things, as well as first drafts/manuscripts of "Alice in Wonderland", "David Copperfield", and otheres. You can see how the author wrote and edited him or herself. Dickens hardly crossed out a word!

jafabrit said...

I used to love going to the Tower of london (I lived in London from 9 to 15) and being able to say bloody to my grandad and get away with it (bloody tower). Have a GREAT trip.
Love the doll series.