Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Studio and a new rooster

I think I mentioned before that we moved. We moved into the cutest log cabin ever made. It is absolutely the most wonderful piece of land.....like out of Hansel and Gretel with diamond glass windows and wooden walls and floors. It came with an old shed that Will calls the barn. That is my new studio that he has been working so hard to fix up for me. These pictures are of my actual working studio. I just painted the crows on the floor today. I think they look pretty snappy!

And here is the latest rooster. No feet? Yes...I had an accident with the last one when I loaded the kiln and knocked a leg off. I decided that they were too much trouble and too fragile to be sensible.


Undaunted said...

I expect the new rooster design will be easier to balance as well! It's very nice, and your floor just looks too good to walk on!

I hope the move went smoothly. Welcome to your new home!

jafabrit said...

I think the rooster looks great, looks like he's resting from an extended bout of clucking.

how cool to have your OWN studio, looks fab.

Mine is a small bedroom not large enough to swing a cat and alas I can't just fling paint al la pollock style.

Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Jafa,
Thank you!
I am so blessed to have this space. Everyday I look at it in awe and can't believe it is mine.
Even though we had to move 7.7 tons of trash out of it to even begin!

Hey Un D,
Thanks and yes, those legs were a little precarious to begin with. This is a lot easier to move in and out of the kiln.

Poochie said...

Okay, I may need to get this and that rooster vessel from a few posts below. Mr. Napoleon says he is your inspiration and wants them!