Sunday, October 19, 2008

I got tagged

by my most wonderful and talented niece Miss Queen Crafty Girl herself. Visit this amazing girl here Queen Crafty Girl. The plan is to tell 7 quirky and weird facts about yourself and to tag other bloggers to do the same.
Here goes.

1. I love and adore crows and all things to do and love about crows. I love them to obsession, to distraction and revel in the sight of them cawing in the trees.
2. Birds distract me in the middle of conversations.
3. Color can change my mood dramatically. Bright yellow-orange seems to be the color that makes my soul happy.
4. I dance with Ellen when no one can see me. (If you click this link you can see a great horned owl fly onto Ellen's head)
5. I read about 3 to 4 novels a week.
6. I am slowly slowly writing a novel...
7. My favorite body part is feet.

Okay now I tag
Undaunted an amazing painter and ceramicist
Blackburn Arts glass artist extraordinaire
reefbayview stain glass master
haphazard knitter master knitter and maker of all things socks


Undaunted said...

Thank you Leanne! I can't believe what you wrote about me! Wow, I am so touched, honoured... Wow, I can't believe it!

Your niece is an amazingly talented girl! It obviously runs in the family!

Wow, you read fast! I've only seen Ellen on Youtube before - you dance with her? Does she do dancing on her show?

Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Ms D,
Ellen is fabulous. At the beginning of the show she does a monologue and the she dances through the crowd. Stopping to dance with people in the audience every now and then. I dance around in the studio praying no one ever sees me.

I do read fast. I used to read and grade state tests for a living and learned to read at a faster than normal pace.

Isn't Queen Crafty amazing? I am always amazed at what she can do.

You are an amazing painter. I think you have a talent for all things art and I am enjoying watching your work evolve.

ArtPropelled said...

Did you see the post I did on crow art?

There were so many wonderful pieces out there that I would have liked to include in the post. Pity I hadn't discovered your stunning work at that stage.