Sunday, December 07, 2008

Some new images...

I have been searching to reach out to new images in my work.
Here are 2 new ideas.
The first one is an image of the tree makers. Siamese Twins that create trees with their hair. These girls are a fairy tale I have been making for about a year. I haven't been able to finish the story but I thought I might try to when my season is over.

The second is obviously crows. I was inspired by some images of MC Esher's that Robyn has on her blog. My negative space makes up nothing but I like the movement in the air.

Speaking of new ideas..

I have been thinking of starting a series of flowers and trees. I want them to take on the appearance of tattoos...very graphic, I guess I have to say kinda Southern Gothic meets Victorian. We will have to see what happens.
What do you think?


Undaunted said...

These plates are amazing! I just love every thing you do! I look forward to seeing the new ideas, I know they will be great!

lynne h said...

oh, man... i love the idea of the tree makers...

and i think the idea of graphic trees and flowers sounds fantastic!!

bindu said...

As soon as I saw the second plate, I thought Escher! Your designs are amazing as usual!

Leslie Rubio said...

Sounds like a plan with the flowers and trees theme-can't wait to see those!

Lot of love,

Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Un D,
thank you! You are so sweet.

Hey Lynne,
I have had the best time making up fairy tales. Letting my mind wander as it goes....we will have to see if I can finish the story.

Thank you. I am so impressionable. I saw the Escher print on Robyn's blog and being the Myna bird that I am, out came the plate!

Thanks Leslie!
Good to see you.


ArtPropelled said...

Really stunning plates! I love the Escher inspired crows and the Siames twins. Looking forward to seeing your new idea with the flowers and trees.....but I hope you do a lot more crows too.

Ronnie said...

Where do you sell your stuff. These two are haunting me!!! Beautiful.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, girl!

Jacky said...

Paintergirl I love your two new images... dont know which one I love the most!!! The crows are amazing, but so are those Siamese twins (and I love the story).

Looking forward to seeing your new ideas for the trees and flowers - that sounds great gothic meets victorian inspiration.

Your pottery is truly fantastic.