Saturday, January 24, 2009

First Guerilla Crochet Accomplished!

Here I am walking down the wooded path in our new park in Oak Ridge. I have to tell you I was quite nervous. When we got out of the car I put the crochet piece under my jacket. Will thought this was hilarious! He got the biggest kick out of the fact that:
Number 1: There was no one at the park.
Number 2: I looked like a woman pregnant with a square baby.
Number 3: I was crazily looking around looking like a character in a crime movie.
Number 4: There was no one at the park.

I had decided that I wanted to put the crocheted piece some where on the wooded path. Me and Will looked for quite awhile for the perfect tree. Then there it was! We found a tree that just peeks out at you as you are walking down the path. I think it will be a nice surprise for walkers as they are getting some exercise.

Here is the last of the head lice series. I decided to make only five.
We had a really bad cold snap and everything in my studio froze.
I lost two days work and 2 heads. So, discouraged, I decided not to remake them but just to have five total.
We are working on getting a heater in the studio but until then I am hauling pieces and clay from the house to the studio.....can you hear the cussing from there?


jafabrit said...

I love the piece you did, the colours and the textures are wonderful. WAT TO GO!!!!!!!!there is this nice feeling of knowing that others will see it and smile, yes?

"can you hear the cussing from there? "
Yes, my ears are hurting woman, and I don't blame you, YIKES.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Watching you sneak into the woods and fasten your bold statement to a tree for all to enjoy was a joy... gave me a smile to start my day... Thanks!! I think you picked a perfect spot, too!

Great portrait of you too!!

So sorry about the loss in the studio... glad they weren't all lost.. These are amazing works of art!!!!
Takes a lot of perseverance and self determination to be an artist/craftsperson...doesn't it?
I can hear you!!

Renee said...

Now you know one is going to lead to two.

I love it and I felt like I was sneaking into the park with you. Exciting.



Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Jafa! Sorry for hurting your ears:)
I wish I could put a video camera to see peoples reactions. All day yesterday I was wondering what people were thinking and hoping that I made someone smile. I can't wait to make my new one.

Hey Gwen,
I'm so glad you liked the post.
It was exciting and so much fun sneaking around. The next one I am doing is going to be on a college campus. I think if I go Saturday morning around 6:00 I may actually be able to get away without anyone seeing me.

Welcome Renee!
I am probably going to be doing this in my 80's. I want to keep going and going like the energizer bunny.

Leanne Pizio said...

Oh and Gwen and Jafa, Thanks for commiserating. It does take perseverance and just plain stubbornness sometimes to be an artist.

bindu said...

The splash of color you've left on the tree will surely be noticed! Don't you wish you could put a camera on the tree and see what reactions people have? I would want to! :) I do love your unique heads - they perfectly represent mine - with so many conflicting ideas constantly going on and on inside ...

Undaunted said...

Leanne! Your crochet looks beautiful! I know it would brighten my day to see it!

I'm in two minds whether to join in or not. Y'know, the youths where I live would probably just set fire to it or something! I thought I might attach some to my own fence/gate though, where I can keep an eye on it. Does that still count?

I'm really sorry to hear about the losses in your studio. That is so disheartening. But the crazy head #5 looks great!

svelteSTUFF said...

...just for my own reference, how do you fasten them to the trees? It REALLY doesn't matter IF anyone else enjoys them after all the FUN that you and Mr. Will had installing it 8-) What an adventure!!

if misery likes company, you've got it! I have a 'fair weather' studio in our attic. Mainly only used in Spring and Fall... went up there the other day and the thermometer on the wall wasn't even registering (it only goes down to 10deg.). It usually stays above freezing. I know I'm going to have a lot of paint and supplies to toss in the Spring!! What temp does ink freeze at? Oh, it could be an ugly mess!!

Anonymous said...

love the story!

Thanks for telling me who you were, my brain got fried in the heat..

Thanks for the comment... however not the word i was looking for. Have another go...think like a guerilla, cheeky, out of the box, irreverent...fixing up now..

Jacky said...

Now that tree is going to be warm and cosy (looks pretty chilly where you are). Its nice to think that someone will see your guerilla knit and smile for whatever reason...the whimsy of it, the colour, the statement.

Well done you. We have a State Park near us that a lot of people go walking in...might that on my list of possible locations???

Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Un D,
I think some beautiful knitting on your fence would be perfect!
It will be cheerful for you and all of your neighbors. Who knows the kids might really like it?

Thanks for commiserating!Sorry about your loss. I don't know what temp. ink freezes at. But maybe because it is mostly water the ink will be okay.
To attach the pieces I just sewed them on. The bark of the tree helps with holding it up while stitching.
Hey Grrl+dog,
Had a blast!
I'll have to think of another word...hmmm...

I can't wait to see yours Jacky!
It's going to be wonderful.

rivergardenstudio said...

Great job! What a fun post and such a colorful art piece for the world to see... Roxanne


beautiful post! communion with nature!

Sharon Tomlinson said...

You are so brave even if no one was at the park.
OH what tragedy in your freezing studio.

lynne h said...

it's beautiful, leanne! and it's a lot of crocheting!!

Leslie Rubio said...

Love the tree adornment-wish I knew how to crochet and I would try it myself! I'm sure someone walked by and was puzzled to find it there and wondered what it was all about.

Sorry to hear about your studio freeze out-that stinks!

Love your bottles and the heads! Hope temps warm up soon for you!


Leanne Pizio said...

Thanks you Roxanne and Black and White!

Hey Sharon,
Finally I am getting over the "BIG FREEZE" as I call it. Thanks for commiserating.

Hey Lynne, Amazingly, the crocheting went really fast because I was so excited. I am working on my next trip tonight.

Thanks so much Leslie!
I still wish I could be a fly on that tree so I could hear what people are saying about this.

ArtPropelled said...

Leanne, beautiful colour combinations in the tree warmer. I enjoyed sidling into the woods to watch. Wish I could be there to see it being discovered. It's the sort of thing that will have people wondering about it for hours.
Your head lice piece is sooooo funny. Sorry about the freeze in the studio. I'm cussing with you!

Connie said...

You are awesome!!

Peace & Love.