Wednesday, March 04, 2009

London Calling

We are off to London!
I can't wait to get there. It is my favorite city in the world.....but I haven't really seen that many so I am a little biased.
While I am there I am going to visit Un D at Rediscovering Arr and play with clay. That is going to be the highlight of the trip. Meeting a fellow blogger from a different country! Wow!

But before we leave, here are the mushies in the new home. They are housed on the window sill of Urban Artware, the most awesomest gallery in the area. And in front of the window is the famous Ms. Millicent herself posing in the noonday sun.
I can't wait to see how fast the mushrooms find new homes. They all have tags explaining that they are Guerilla Art and have the address for Grrl+dog's blog.
Go Guerilla's Go!
Have a great creative back soon.


Undaunted said...

I can't wait! I hope you've packed one of those mushrooms for me! :D

Anonymous said...

lucky! i lived there for 6 months and would kill to go back - don't forget to hit all the museums! and the soane house!!
~ms the younger

bindu said...

Have a great time. Will look forward to seeing your creations from there.

Gwen Buchanan said...

have a great time in London, you lucky duck!!!

Eero said...

LONDON! I went there when I was a teenager and I felt like I'd found Mecca.

Always dream of going back....someday.

Have a fantastic trip!


Leanne Pizio said...

Hey everyone,
Thanks for the well wishes!
We had a wonderful time and arrived last night after 12:00.....whew! 16 hours of travel home. I tell you though it was well worth it.
Can't wait to get back to blogging and see what every body has been up to.

svelteSTUFF said...

WE WANT PHOTOS!!!!!!!... well, at least I do (I probably shouldn't speak for 'everyone') 8-)

Leslie Rubio said...

Nice...hope you have a wonderful visit! Thanks for the comment on my mural and for taking on a Chemo angel...good for you, it will mean so much to the person you are assigned to and make you feel good too!


April Jarocka said...

Enjoy your trip! Glad you liked the flatulent bear;)

ArtPropelled said...

London!!! My most favourite city too! Have a blast Leanne!!!