Friday, May 08, 2009

Back in the saddle....

No rest for the weary.
Back in the studio working like a mad woman trying to get ready for the last show of spring all the while planning a trip to NY on Saturday.
Here's a peek at what I am working on.....
More bottles but now with faces. It wasn't until I made 2 that I realized they look like Gumby and therefore are not quite as appealing to me. Will thinks they look nothing like Gumby....what do you think?
I am surprised it matters to me. In the beginning I was completely in love with them.
Now I am thinking of not even firing the little fellows. It is always amazing to me how quickly my interest can fade if I feel like I've referenced a cartoon, another artist, another person's design too distinctly. I do feel though it is impossible not to be influenced by the visual stimuli around us.

On another note.....
I don't want to leave out some of the pictures from California.
I really had an amazing time. The people were sweet, welcoming and gorgeous.
The flowers divine.
The succulents were huge and some of them....truly.....were bigger than me. (I'm 5'2")
We went to the beach and looked in these amazing tide pools finding hermit crabs and bright blue-green sea anemone.
We were blessed to go to a Very Fancy fashion show. And though I felt like a redneck disguised in black velvet and heels....It Was Fabulous! So much fun!
And of course Diane and Jared, our wonderful hosts, were so much fun to be around.
Thanks to them for being the bestest!

ps. The show was a success and a lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness..that deep blue just knocksme out... and no way does he look like gumby now... it's totally your design..

Eero said...

Not at all like Gumby---not even a little bit.

Great plant photos---Delphiniums, right?


bindu said...

I like the tall skinny guy. I think I like him better without the blue around his face, more earthy as in the first one, but in any form, he has a lot of character. Gorgeous flowers.

Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Grrl!
Can you believe those flowers. I just happened upon them at Balboa Park where they just happen to have a bazillion museums all together. It was a glorious day

Thanks Eero!
Don't know what they are but I want some in the yard.

Thank you Bindu.
I may make some that don't have the scraffito on them. I like them plain also. But then there is the question of glazing....hmmmm

ArtPropelled said...

Leanne I'm in love with him too. He is quirky and unique.

svelteSTUFF said...

Tall Skinny Dude looks more like the blue flower than he does GUMBY... dammit!
Loving your flower photos!!
Where are you going in NY? To see crows??

Undaunted said...

Hi Leanne! *waves*

I didn't know who Gumby was so I had to look him up, but I don't think he looks like him at all! He looks great! You should fire him and take him to your show - everyone will love him even if you don't!

Sounds like you had a great time in California! Hope you have as much fun in NY.

Jacky said...

No he doesnt look like Gumby... he looks more like a totem to me. Fantastic I think! Take him to your show and make more pottery totems I say.

Jacky xox

Anonymous said...

Not seeing Gumby so much...what I DO see is the start to an excellent series, hopefully!