Friday, June 12, 2009


The new painting with oil.
There is a problem somewhere in the left corner. I am thinking about turning the hair dark blue and taking out the stripes. Or taking out the flowers in her lower hand.
It is so wet now that I think I will have to stop for awhile..............
On to the next one.


steviewren said...

The flowers are working. I think it's the hair. Love your take on Ophelia.

Eero said...

Don't mess with the flowers! The hand and flowers are great---a gesture invoking symbolism. The hair could alter the whole composition. When I'm stumped on a painting, I sketch out multiple options....knowing how meticulously you work, no doubt you do this as well.


ArtPropelled said...

I agree... don't mess with the flowers...and I also fancy the hair. You always know what's best but have a rest before you decide.

Undaunted said...

Oh Leanne, this is beautiful! I think just blue and white was the perfect choice for this piece.

I agree, I think it's the hair. The flowers are gorgeous. Mind you, I've never been a fan of stripes :) But comparing to the previous painting, I think her hair looks better dark. I also think her hair could float further down the canvas too, but that's just me - I'm no expert. I just like how her hair appears to become ripples in the water.

I followed your previous link, but I'm not ever-so familiar with the story of Ophelia - who's is the other head in the water?

queencraftygirl said...

Hey Pal,
I love it! The only thing I would change would be just to make thicker stripes in her hair. It's still gorgeous either way.

Love you,

mimilove forever said...

Hi Leanne!
thank you for dropping by and taking the tme to leave such lovely comment x:)

As for your painting...I'm with Robyn!
I love the colour palette you've used..beautiful work...and the backstory behind it! x:)

svelteSTUFF said...

personally I prefer the hair w/ stripes over the dark solid (sets it appart from the other figure)... but go where your heart takes you!!

leanne pizio said...

Hey everyone!
Thanks so much for stopping by and giving me all of your great advice. I think I finished this Ophelia. I'll post a picture of the finished painting soon.
Y'all rock!