Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bigger bottles and alien embyos

The bottles are coming along at a fast rate. This new accordion form is fascinating me at the moment....it is not only the form but the challenge of making this shape. It is very fragile and tedious, lots of waiting for the piece to set up before continuing upwards. I won't even mention how delicate my touch has to be to carve this simple line design......I'm in love.

And then these little guys have come creeping back after watching a UFO Hunters marathon a couple of weeks ago. Love that show!
The embryo design started 14 years ago when Miss Haley was conceived. I wanted to watch how she was developing each week. Now and then they become aliens and after seeing about 6 UFO shows in a row, they seemed appropriate.

And finally some finished circle bottles....

Hope you have a great week!


bindu said...

I love them! I can't imagine how patient you must be to make the accordion bottles!

Eero said...

OMG! Embryonic alien pots! You are such a genius----I mean it. How much do you sell those for?

Question I am always wondering, since you are prolific and make beautiful work: do you make a living off of your art?


svelteSTUFF said...

OH Leanne!! That 'circle' design is my favorite so far!!


I love all of them! The shapes and the patterns are so cool.

ArtPropelled said...

Oooo more gorgious wonky bottles. I don't know why but they just seem so happy.

Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Bindu, thanks so much! I really enjoy making them but it does take patience....I have crumpled 3 so far.

Thanks Eero,
The alien embryo pots are usually from 35-75 depending on size. The one in the photo is rather large so it is on the upper end of the scale.

On the making a living side....it is always, always a struggle. I used to wait tables to support my work. Now I just make pottery and paint but every month I think that this will be the month I will go back out there and find a job. If I didn't have Will I couldn't support myself some months. One day I hope to be able to let Will just focus on his creative side but so far that hasn't happened....one day....sigh.

Hey Sue, Well then that is what I shall be sending you for the meme. Do you mind sending your addy again? Sorry I seemed to have lost the email that you sent before.

Thanks Black and White!

Hey Robyn,
they strike me as happy too....maybe it is because I love making them so much!

DJ said...

Whee. I just found your blog and enjoy your work!
(Greetings from SC, btw; it's always a bit of a thrill finding artists nearby.)

lynne h said...

leanne, dang... these are just fabulous, as is *everything* you make!!!


Undaunted said...

Oh wow, I just love the "wonkiness" of these pieces!! They're fantastic! And I completely adore your embryo's. I remember seeing a piece of yours before of a similar theme. I just love it!

rivergardenstudio said...

Your work amazes me... your bottles seem to reach... pause or get sidetracked and then continue their quest... I love your circle bottle too.... Roxanne

Jacky said...

oooohhhh I love those circle bottles, they look fantastic!
The wonky are fabulous too, I love their precariousness. They are worth the extra time and effort to achieve those wonderful shapes.
Alien embryo's...funky!

Jacky xox

WendyB said...

A chicken ruined your laptop? LOL! That's kind of cute... but still annoying, I guess!