Wednesday, June 22, 2011

finished bottles and chicken heads

Here is the finished group of bottles from the last post.
Like I mentioned previously they are glazed with:

Andy Martin's Show Saver Glaze:
nepheline syenite 21.4
frit 3110 4.2
strontium carbonate 12.8
whiting 2.4
barium carbonate 22.8
grolleg (EPK) 2.4
silica (flint) 31.o
bentonite 3%
copper carbonate 4%

This glaze is AMAZING! I love it! Very stable, wide firing range- cone 3 up to cone 10, does well in oxidation or reduction, does awesome in a salt kiln, buttery surface.
I can't get enough of this glaze. Every time it comes out of the kiln I always think of candy, specifically Jolly Ranchers:)

Side note: I do not use this glaze on pieces meant for food because of the Barium content.

On another page.....or wall..... chicken heads. Everywhere!
When I am sitting in the studio carving, this is often what I see. Chicken heads peeking around the door, looking for treats from mama. So I just had to make one or two or you can have chickens peeking at you from a wall, or around a corner.

Later in honor of one of my bestest friends birthday........Giraffe Heads!
You know when you have a good friend and you can't think of one more thing to buy her/him? That is where I was this year. So I decided to make something just for her. She loves giraffes. So in your honor Lisa........


jafabrit said...

lol, love those chicken heads and your bottles are really exquisite.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...those chicken heads are wonderful!

Undaunted said...

:O Nooooo! I need a Giraffe head! They're fantastic! Everything is fantastic! The bottles came out awesome!! Love love love the surface texture and the beautiful glaze! Love everything! You're amazing :) x

Leanne Pizio said...

Thanks Jafa and Judah! So glad you like the brood!

Hey UnD,
As always you make me smile!