Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roosters......the beginning of a painted year......

blue wyandotte rooster. acrylic 0n w00d

rooster fellow. acrylic on wood
stressed out little bird. oil on canvas.
stressed out little bird's mean cousin.oil on canvas

top/ 2 rooster tiles. painted clay. bottom/ 3 roosters. acrylic on wood.

the two bird cousins together. oil on canvas


jafabrit said...

I love these :)

Jacky said...

Aahhhhh Leanne I love these chooks of yours!!! Sounds like we will be seeing more of them too...yayyy!
I dont know what it is about chooks, but I am always attracted to them, and drawings etc. of them.
I look forward to seeing more.

Jacky xox