Friday, March 02, 2007

I have been making these basket forms for the last couple of weeks. Really taking myself back to the beginnings of my clay days when all I did was coil handbuilding. I actually thought making pots was stupid...I was a bit arrogant at 20. Anyway, when I start any process the first things I make become the test subjects for glaze. And this one is was the tested for this turquoise glaze. It was supposed to be a light turquoise but alas, as with most glaze recipes what I think is light turquoise is not what the author thinks is light. I do like it though but it is not what I had in back to the drawing board.

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Anonymous said...

Aunt Leanne look for a letter in the mail soon I think what you shouud do for the GINANORMUS pot is make your cats one so they could stay in it! Oh! Mom loves the birds on a wire and said that the lady at The Nest loves the bird jar you made! Maybe I can see you Easter ! I love you ! Haley*