Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Rabbit

Here is the first of many rabbits for the show. He is about 2 feet tall and features the rabbit jumping down his hole with Alice watching.

When I think about Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the rabbit stands out to me as the most important character. He caused the whole ordeal to begin. Not only that, he is also fast and elusive and mysterious. I can never really grasp as many times as I read the book why he is in such a rush. As it is no one really gets their head cut off and the queen is ineffective and just walks around bellowing.

I have thought about this book a lot. Knowing that it was meant as a children's book, I try to see it through the eyes of the child still left in me. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't but I am trying to work as a child might think. Trying to see things in black and white with little wiggle room.

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