Saturday, July 21, 2007

3 down the rabbit hole (the title)

The show is up and we are done!
Here is the layout of the room. It is darker in there than is good for taking photos so the images are a little to dark to get details... but you can get the jist of the setup.
Tiffany O'Brien and Millicent Greeson are the other wonderful artists in the show with me.
The title is 3 Down the Rabbit Hole and it is at the Theatre Arts Gallery in High Point, NC. The show was open to the public on Tuesday July, 17th but the artists opening is August 25th from 5-7. The end date is Sept 25th.


gray la gran said...

OH LEANNE! I LOVE IT ALL!!! especially the witch legs coming from the ceiling :)

jafabrit said...

What an exciting looking show. I wish I could see it in the real because it looks fabulous. Good luck with it :)

Eero said...

A huge amount of work to get here and it looks really, really good! A colorful and fun exhibit. I wish you lots of sales and good reviews.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog---it's just another 'technical issue' to figure out! I just wish I could be out riding everyday like I was a few weeks ago....sigh.

Well, I really should spend more time in the studio, so here's my reason.

Again: Congratulations on a fabulous looking show!


L.M.Noonan said...

Congratulations on the exhibition. I have had an on agin off agin love affair with Alice for decades.

Leanne Pizio said...

thanks everyone for words of support. the show was really an awesome experience for me and we even got written up in the paper by a critic who was mostly nice!
Very fun. but Hoo Boy! I am glad this one is done and almost over!