Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gearing up for Fall

The show reception was last weekend and it went really well. Lots of people and lots of talking about art and Alice. I did better than I thought in sales and got a couple of new orders. So, all in all, I am a happy girl. After skating by with next to nothing in my back account, I am ready for a money infusion. Gotta feed that man of mine and the dogs need to go to the vet.

Here is an update on the painting I started at Janet's house. Up close you can tell that this round of painting was the laying in of the oil paint. It is building up to an impasto like surface. I will be adding more flowers to the right once the painting has time to dry a little. is the beginning of a series featuring my lovely husband.
A tree growing out of his huge heart. I am painting panels of wood. The last painting of the series will be of me and him back to back with trees growing up and out of our hearts and intertwining above our heads. The last one will be rather large and will be in our living room.


gray la gran said...

wow. that really does look like him. i'm not sure why i'm surprised though?
okay, so, if will gets these paintings, think he'll part with the scarecrow :)

Leanne Pizio said...

I don't know Miss'll have to take that up with him. :)
Stuart is going to have some snazzy duds this winter.