Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Trying to Paint

Here is the next in the series of Will paintings.
A larger version of the last with the same theme.
But an addition of water and probably also some small birds eventually. A cadmium yellow sky and ultramarine blue water. I wanted him in hi skivvies because they look like an old fashioned bathing suit that I may paint with red and white stripes. I can't wait to get started with the color but alas....I have carving to do before me and this lovely man go to the BEACH!!!! WOO ##***@!HOO!!!

Here is the finished ( but in need of last minute touch ups) painting of Will. I really am happy with the way the light and shadows of the tree turned out. I feel like I am able to paint again. After graduate school.......11 years ago I have been painting but sparsely. Maybe 10 paintings a year, and have felt stumped in a way I never did before school. But something has opened in me and I feel free again to paint without judgement. My own judgement.....and worry that others will judge as well. I do still have twinges but not out right fear.
I don't want to say much about because I really am scared of jinxing it but all I can say is I feel really heartened and light and blessed.

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gray la gran said...

that's lovely ... i really like the tree shadows ... kinda reminds me too of the shadows cast through water.