Saturday, November 17, 2007

New work and of pictures of Rabbit

Here is a close up of little Rabbit's close as we could get. She doesn't like to stay still very long and by the time Will took the shot she had turned away looking at something else.

And then she is with Blue on the couch. I can't believe they are already such fast friends but they Love each other already.

This picture is the absolute latest. Taken this afternoon while the dogs were out int he yard. Rabbit stretches out long, especially those legs and loves to show off her big kitten belly. This cat loves to eat.

Here is some newer work. I have worked with the idea of conception and what happens afterwards since my niece Haley was an embryo. I followed my sister's pregnancy through a picture book I got in the library. I like to bring back old ideas on new forms and here is the first one.

And a tile marking the beginning all the way to the birth.


Anonymous said...

You are so amazingly productive. I love seeeing your work! Thanks so much for the new pictures. Looks like you have some real kiln-fulls going.

Leanne Pizio said...

Thanks Anne,
I am going crazy with shows. 2 this weekend and the last one on the 9th.
Hopefully, I can stay sane until it is all over!

nolanart said...

Cute pics of Rabbit. She has some very Mooch-like tendencies.