Thursday, November 01, 2007

More Painting

I was firing again today and because of that the studio gets super stinky with fumes. Thus I am forced out of doors into the wondrous sunshine with my palette and brushes in hand. I was puzzled by the arms and hands in the painting. Will actually modeled for this painting in the kitchen while I, armed with the trusty camera stood on a chair ( I am incredibly short and couldn't get a straight angle shot of him unless I climbed upwards). Because of this there was a weird tilt to the picture that came into the painting which made the image confusing. Trying to rectify that today, I changed the arms quite a bit. Now they are a complete mess that I can't fix until some drying occurs. But look what happened in the change. A tree grew out of Will's hand. The reference is positively screaming at you but I am okay with that. The thing that troubles me is the direction I want to push the painting and the fact that I am using the image of my husband. I am not exactly sure how to explain my thoughts. I like my paintings to go too far. I like loud color and big defined images. I like kitsch and if it is gold I could possibly swoon. I like to push peoples ideas and their limits. Choosing to paint a painting that suggests Jesus puts me on shaky ground to begin with. And then my mind is going wild with limit pushing and some really risky ideas. And then there is the fact that my sweet hubby is the model. I will have to think on this and maybe this will be a painting that stays in the collection of the artist and is never shown.


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