Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bird girl glazed

Here is the first bird girl after glazing.
I really love her from the waist up. The mixture of the green and the pinkish brown is really sweet. I also love the way the green gets darker in the crevices and bring out her features. I don't however, like the streakiness on her legs. Mr. Pizio says that he is mediocre at best with the green. My intern for the semester wasn't that enamored of it at first but likes it better the more we look at it ( agreeing with the streaky issue ). What do you think?

The conundrum is that I have quite a few of these built. I want them all to have the same glaze. My intern has made glaze tests for colors that I have been thinking of but unfortunately the tests are limited. It is hard to imagine what the colors will look like on the actual pieces. So I have to use the pieces as tests sometimes.

I may be remaking a lot of work....sigh.....


Musings of a Mom said...


I think the bird girl looks like an old iron statue, where the green of the iron has worn down in different places. I like it!


gray la gran said...

yes ... she looks like she's been waiting in the garden ... for a long time. instead of growing old and gray, she's covered in moss.
would the glaze behave differently if she wasn't "standing" in the kiln?

Undaunted said...

Maybe you could somehow write it into the story that the bird girls tried out a fake tan and it went streaky? :D

Just kidding, I agree with the other comments - she looks aged and weathered, and it looks great! I love that look. The legs don't look streaky to me from this angle.

Leanne Pizio said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!
Super funny Un D!!!
I remember making streaks on my own legs with that self tanner...and oh! the evil shade of orange it was.

I think I am going to go with the green. I still want to try out one more glaze...on the chicken above and see what it looks like. I'll post results this weekend.

Ed Crabtree said...

Looks like you stay busy....like the bird motif...