Friday, April 04, 2008

Bird King

Here is the Bird King. He is about 14 inches tall and will sit alone at the show. He is part human and mostly bird and can change at will. He still has his wings and I have him wearing a bird mask though in the story he has his own beak. He also has breasts because ...well...I like making them. And I love the way they look on him with the busy wings in the back. He looks androgynous and that was what I wanted for now. I think he will evolve as I keep recreating his image.

Here is a bird I made really just for fun.
He will be an experiment with a different glaze for this project.
It will be a gold/ yellow with a tinge of green.


Undaunted said...

*gasp* your work is great! It makes me want to get my clay out and get to work! Thank goodness the warmer weather is now here so that I can use my conservatory without freezing to death!

Leanne Pizio said...

Thanks UnD!
Good luck on your spring work.

queencraftygirl said...

hey aunt leannne! i love the bird king!

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