Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Carved Rabbit

I wanted to see what the rabbit would look like carved and here is the first one.
I like the carved effect. It reminds me of my rabbit when I was a girl. Her name was Chocolate Chip. I called her CC. But she was of course black and white and had a dramatic look to her fur.

Still can't get away from the somewhat melancholy look on the rabbits face...maybe it is my mood and not the shape of rabbit's mouth's in general.
I did like though the way the carved rabbits share legs and the tail with the actual sculpted rabbit.


Undaunted said...

Wow, I think this is a fantastic piece! I agree, very clever how the rabbits share legs.

I can't help thinking it's the eyes that make these rabbits look so sad. Nothing wrong with that though - they make me think of the film Watership Down.

You have been incredibly busy recently Leanne. Are all these pieces made with the coil method? Don't they take a long time to create?

Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Un D,
Yes, they are all made with the coil method...but it doesn't take as long as you think once i've figured out the construction. The hard part is that...just figuring out how to construct...where the inner walls will be and the ability of the structure to be able to make it through a firing. After that it is just the building. And in this heat, (90 degrees F as a usual ), things dry in a rapid manner. The heat makes it easy to make a piece in hours. You just have to pay attention to the drying. I am kind of slack on that and have ruined maybe 3 bigger pieces this spring by not keeping up with checking the drying rate of projects. This is a big problem in the South where the heat can sneak up on you and leave you with a dried piece before you know it! Alas, I have started setting my cell phone alarm to remind me to check on projects left drying. What would we do without alarms? :)
ps. getting a tutorial ready for you tonight!

Undaunted said...

Oh brilliant! Thanks Leanne!

Do you mean pieces have been ruined because they have dried too quickly after they were finished? Or during the making? My clay piece dried out a little quickly, but I think it will be ok - there's just a few little cracks but they're on the back.

Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Un D, During the making.
Your piece should be ready and able for the firing!!!
good firing to you!

Hey Jafa,
I am so happy you like the rabbits!
I do sell on e-bay and will post that link tomorrow. but I was wondering...would you by any chance want to do a collaboration?
maybe we should email?
i would love to see a Jafa painted rabbit!

Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Un D,
I wanted to say thanks for being such a support over the last couple of months. It is always a joy to see you post and have your feedback!
Thank you!

Undaunted said...

Thank you Leanne, what a lovely thing to say :) I am very touched. And thank you for your support also. I really am so new at all this, and it's great to get online support from those more experienced than I - it really helps to keep me going.

Ooh I'm really excited now! The possiblity of a callaboration between two of my favourite artists! I can't wait!

(ps. I still can't find a kiln!)