Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Head Lice

I decided to post a finished version of the 2nd attempt at Head Lice...or the crazy monsters in my head series.
I still think I may make another one similar to this with a totally black face because I liked that better. The dark black suits my mood better than this. Here the face almost looks happy on the right side. The lines looking too much like eyelashes. Let me know what you think!


jafabrit said...

apart from the fact that is it beautifully done, it is hilarious, I love it.

Do you sell online? I LOVE your bunnies.

Undaunted said...

I still think this one looks good, but I agree, I like the black face one because you can really see the fear in the eyes. I suppose it depends on what you're looking for/ trying to portray in a piece of art though. They're both really good, just different. :)

Anonymous said...

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Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Stephen,
I don't know quite what to say but thanks for the info anyway.

Undaunted said...

Lol, that's the best laugh I've had all day! Oh what a sad life I live...

Connie said...

This piece is a hoot! Another that I totally adore! Do you sell your work anywhere?

Love it!

(I'm linking you on my blog as one of my favorites!!)

Peace & Love.