Saturday, July 12, 2008

Before I leave....

I wanted to put up a couple of pictures of recent doings.

I was blessed to have a visit from Mouse aka Grey la Gran, Agent Grey herself as she traveled across our fine state to her parents for a visit.
We had the best time eating, drinking and of course...crocheting and knitting. I had started a little crocheted sweater for the spring but had only finished half of one side. But with a little encouragement from Agent Grey, I finished!
Here it is!

She was working on some wonderful projects. A very inspiring visit for me!

We have been moving into a new home this week...really for the past month.
More on that later. I just can't bear to think about all the things that aren't done yet. We are truly beat!

And lucky me! Right in the middle of the chaos I get a brief reprieve. I am going out of town to take a workshop with Lana Wilson, a potter favorite of mine. The class is at the Appalachian Center for Crafts in Tennessee. I am thrilled to go with a good friend and gallery owner Christina Brown...creator of a wonderful shop called Just Be.
We will be back on Friday evening and I will post pictures of the work we create.


gray la gran said...

yay! cute top! okay, now i need a modeling picture :)

thanks for helping me with the stretching of the canvas. i have not hung it yet ... but will be hanging both the robots on unicycles and the scarecrow this weekend :)

enjoy the workshop!!!!! it brings back memories of cheap wine and beer, under the bed, in the craft house.



Leanne Pizio said...

Oh the joys of Penland!
I miss it and the fun we had running around like crazy women.
I have to admit that the stripes in the sweater don't do much for the old figure. This maybe a gift to my niece Haley.
But I will post a picture when I get home so you can see how dumpy horizontal stripes make me look!

Undaunted said...

Your owl looks great Leanne!

Ooh, lucky you, going to a workshop! Sounds like it has come at just the right time for you. I look forward to seeing the photo's when you get back.

Musings of a Mom said...

Love your sweater! Can't wait to see it.

I hope your excursion to TN ws a good one.

Love you!

Sister T