Friday, July 04, 2008

Roosters, Monsters, and Fish

Here is the front and back of 2 rooster pieces I made for the gallery.
The bottle shape is just what I was looking for and will make more of those today. I am still trying to push the forms a little. I want to work on more interesting shapes, trying always to make a shape that is pleasing but also takes to the carving well.

And since the monsters haven't neglected me, I felt I had to include a drawing of them. This is an image of them crawling out of my head as I sit naked on the floor. It is harder to see this piece on the camera but when it is fired I think the image will be stronger.

And here is the beginning of a dresser top that will go in our bedroom. It is very raw, I have only just begun, but the colors are singing to me. Koi fish are supposed to be lucky so hopefully they will bring us good fortune and happiness!


Undaunted said...

Wow, you have been incredibly busy just lately! I love all of your pieces, they're fantastic!

Highland Fairy said...

Wow~ your work is incredible!
love your rooster pots!

Eero said...

I love your narrative style. I get the impression that not only are you very productive, artistically, you are also consistently productive. Very admirable!
My fav is the monster vase.


gray la gran said...

i LOVE the koi =)

perhaps, after my mexico trip, i will get my fish tanks back in order.

hey, where's the crochet top?

i had a great time visiting, as always.

love to you both,

Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Un D and Highland Fairy,
Thank you so much!!

Thanks Eero,
I try to be. I do procrastinate a lot though. Don't let all the posting fool you!

Thanks miss mouse! Posting top soon
Love you

Connie said...

I absolutely adore these bottles!! The images and carvings are great! Makes me want to break through the monitor and touch them!

Peace & Love.