Friday, November 14, 2008

It's a doggy post

I can't help it I have to share.
So me and Will were at Target (big shopping store) at the Halloween discount isle. I was looking at the the hanging costumes when I saw this ugly brown shiny thing. I picked up the bag and it was a mullet wig. I told Will ( college professor) that he should get it and wear it to class. He picked it up and said it's a mullet for a dog. Well, I had to have it for my friend Nicole's dog Lu Lu. When we got home I couldn't resist. Who could? And boy right after the picture, when Will let go of Blue, the other dogs tore that mullet off of her and they played chase with it for a good while.
I haven't laughed so hard in at least a year.


Undaunted said...

It obviously looks like a hair (hare, geddit?) to them! (groan) ok, that was really bad!

Thanks for sharing your great photo's. A friend of mine put a scarf around her dogs head, and with her big eyes it make her look like one of those mediums with a crystal ball!

lynne h said...

lol! there's something about that last pic that cracks me up even more than blue wearing the mullet. i'm pretty sure i see her saying (something like) "wouldya look at this? trippy, huh? here -- you take it!!"

Poochie said...

Those dogs have good taste! No mullets here!


queencraftygirl said...

Ha Ha HA! I wish I could have been there!!

Love you,

Leanne Pizio said...

Thanks all for your funny thoughts!

Yes, Poochie, no mullets here but I saw a good one at the farmer's market yesterday.

Un D, they sure did act like it was a live animal! Maybe they did think it was a hair/hare!

Hey Lynne, they were so cute with that piece of mullet. they were taunting each other, trying to get each other to grab hold for a round of tug-o-war.

Leslie Rubio said...

That's a funny photo of the dog with the wig! LOL. I came to your blog through dirtyfootprints and I came to that blog from yet another blog. Anyway, I'm glad I found your place and I love your crows, bowls and all of your carved pottery. Very different and very nice indeed!

Thanks for sharing.


Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Leslie,
Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I find the neatest blogs though other blogs. I love the blogosphere.
I'll have to stop over and see you.