Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Oh My! It's Fall Again...

It's Fall. And so beautiful now that we have moved to the new house. Don't get me wrong. Fall was beautiful at the old house. But the new house has really old trees and quite a bit of land. The trees rustle and quietly speak the whole day through. The crows are loud and rascally reminding me of their presence. I am a happy girl. I love sweaters and gloves and all things winter. I wear jeans and boots with relish. Collecting warm sweaters from Goodwill is a hobby. And now that Hubby doesn't wash my sweaters anymore, I can actually fit in them from year to year.


Undaunted said...

Those photo's are beautiful.

Yeah, I'm not much of a shoe person myself, more sandles or boots, so it's great to get the boots on now :)

ArtPropelled said...

I can only imagine what hubby did to your sweaters...LOL....I wouldn't let my hubby near my sweaters thats for sure. Bright pinks running into white etc...get the picture.

lynne h said...

leanne, this is a *beautiful* home! i can see why you're so happy here... it's absolutely gorgeous. and, of course, those lovely, lovely trees...

Jacky said...

I love autumn too, my absolute favourite time of the year. The trees at your new home are so beautiful...we have lots of trees where I live (will post a pic of the gums at our gate soon so you can see them too).
I love the noises living among trees...apart from their noise, the noise of the inhabitants of the trees. We are so lucky!

Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Un D!
Love boots. I purchased a pair of cowboy boots last year for more than I really could afford...but I tell you what I sure do swagger a bit when I wear them. They do for me what high heels do for other women.

Oh Robyn,
He came out of the wash room holding up my grey wool sweater that wouldn't even fit a three year old. He said..."Baby, is this yours?"

Thank you Lynne!

We are so lucky Jacky!
Can't wait to see your trees.

Poochie said...

The crows are crazy lately. I can't remember seeing as many last year. I'm glad all the leaves are almost down. They keep filling up the coop and I have to rake it out every morning or the chickens would be buried under them!

: )


Leanne Pizio said...

I know the raking. I made three blisters in the last week raking the never ending falling leaves.
They will all be gone soon!