Saturday, October 27, 2007

It is like Christmas everytime.

Every time I open the kiln there is an excitement, a thrill at seeing just what everything looks like with a glaze on its surface.
Here is a group of face mugs and pot that are meant to touch on the old tradition of the North Carolina face jugs. The traditional ones are super grotesque and used to scare me as a child. Now I am kinda in love with them but at the same time wouldn't want to run into one in the dark. I try to make mine a less scary and maybe a little goofy. I like making the mugs because they are fun to look at in the morning with their grimaces and teeth bared as if to say," i understand that this morning thing sucks!"

This little picture here I have tried to delete but it wants to stay for some reason. It is actually the bottom of the face jug. And the picture below is the Christmas-like gift I saw this morning.

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