Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Picture update

In the middle of the fall season I rarely have time for anything but getting ready for show after show after show. This year I swore to myself that I would paint at least one day a week. Well, that went down the tubes after the first shows came to pass. I just can't keep up.
On the rare occasion that I do get a space to paint I am excited and thrilled.
This is the second picture of Will in the tree/heart series.
There are some major issues with the composition that will be changed next go round. But all in all it is getting there.
I think as the painting has its way it will mean bigger hands coming off the panel and water to the waist. The hands will be lifted slightly. There is a religious undertone to this painting. I have always done Madonna's throughout my career but I have never done a picture of a male religious figure. This is the first. And Will really does look like some images of Jesus.

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