Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Sometimes, especially after watching a super scary show, I feel like there is something behind me watching. I have a great imagination and I let it run wild now and then. Today was such a day and hence....the eyes pot. Many, many sets of eyes staring and staring as I was carving. Towards the end of the carving I started thinking about evil eye charms I have seen through the years and decided this is an evil eye pot to ward off any lingering bad spirits or mojo in the air.


nolanart said...

eye love it!

after watching "sleepy hollow", how about a pot with little heads all over it?

too much?

gray la gran said...

you know how i say i was raised by matinee tv ? ... my imagination often gets the best of me!
to this day, i still won't sleep with a hand or foot hanging off the bed! ... because, you know .....

Leanne Pizio said...

Nolan, I love the idea of heads on the pot. Maybe sculptural heads coming out with really gruesome expressions on their faces. Or carved ones might suffice.

Nese...I don't sleep with a limb off the bed either and I always cover the ear sticking off the pillow because of the Van Gogh movie I saw at really too young of an age.