Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Alice- the bored trouble maker.

Here she is! The star of the show. I finished carving her yesterday and I still have to make her arms but she is basically done. I still am undecided about her hair. I really want it to be blond...or white but it looks like it needs to be dark. I still have time to decide, even after the bisque fire I can still slip it black if need be. Anyone with opinions speak up. I would love to hear them. I am making her arms today. They will be doll-like arms that can move. Will is going to help me attach them after they are fired.
I have still been working on the table setting. I had a set back when I used (stupid me ) a commercial glaze that crawled around the rim of the plates I was making. Half of yesterday was spent re-carving 4 plates. I was so aggravated I wanted to slam the door to the studio and and go to the movies but I hung in there and I think the plates are better than the first ones.

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