Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I used to be very dare devilish in my twenties but now I am definitely not the one to volunteer to do anything that may cause bodily harm. But this weekend I was a little daring. Me and Will went to a kayak clinic. It was great fun. We started in the pool learning to flip upside down and let someone turn us back over ( hands of God technique ). And then learned to use an other's boat to turn ourselves back over. With those skills we went to flat lake water- Blue's Lake in Stokesdale- and learned to paddle forward and back and practiced rolling ourselves one in the group got this technique on there own but it was fun trying. Then we were off to the river. The New River in Va. Gosh, the beauty took my breath away and I would have been content to sit and watch the pouring rain come down and look over all the beautiful lush green moss covered rocks but we were to go and practice what we had learned. Well, we caught eddies and ferried over running water. But the daring part? We lugged our kayaks up a rock only to get in them and slide them 20 feet into the water. I was resistant but all of my group was doing it so I fell to the peer pressure and went down. Before I knew it I was upside down and going down a rapid. Thankfully my instructor gave me "the hands of God" and we went down together. It actually was fun and I didn't panic. I went down again goaded on by my group and this time I stayed upright. It was so much fun me and Will are going down the Yadkin this weekend. Yay for daring! It makes me feel a little younger and definitely more alive.

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gray la gran said...

shit! i'd be waiting for you at camp with the marshmellows :)
after my last river experience (the ottawa river) i have no interest in doing activities where you have to sign a waiver. nope. not for me. i thought i was going to die. really.
so, yay for you!