Friday, June 01, 2007

Mad Hatter

I have the Rabbit done so the next character I wanted to make was the Mad Hatter and he is finished.
The first image is of him and his hat. He is too fragile now to wear such a heavy thing but the side of his hat says, "I am mad, " and is black everywhere else.
The images on the Hatter is of the tea party. The Mad Hatter , the March Hare and Alice are at the table with cups and saucers and a teapot Above them hang branches that blow in the wind. The back of the Hatter's balding head is covered in the same sort of leaves. He wears one sleeve and one white glove.

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jackie said...

i am LOVING the stuff you have been making for this show--i may have to make our mutual friend bring me along to the opening... :)

(ps--loving the yarn bowl, too! i put some pictures of it on my blog today.)