Thursday, June 07, 2007

Alice's arms and an update

Here are the arms of Alice sitting a top the Mad Hatter's hat.
And then the final finished frame with the mirror. There is me and Chickweed in the reflection. The frame is now housed in a gallery and that is very exciting because I was always afraid of breaking it. But it is safe and sound and hopefully someone will take it home with them. I am making another one for the Alice show with Alice entering the looking glass.


Anonymous said...

When is the Alice show? I'd love to have an excuse to come to NC to see it!

It's wonderful to see all these characters coming to life. Will the Queen of Hearts be enormous, scary, or....a lot like Helen Mirren?

Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Anne,
The Alice show starts July 18-19th and will end in the middle of September. The artist opening is August 25th so that everyone is back from vacation. It would be fun to see you there. THK aka Grey La Gran is coming!
The Queen is always a conundrum for me. I feel sorry for her because no one really cares about her they just are afraid of her. So sometimes I want to make her exceptionally beautiful which makes mean people even scarier I think.
But if I am true to the story she should be obscenely ugly.
You can see I am a bit wishy washy on this one. I guess I will have to decide today because I have started her.I am only up to her chest. I can tell you one thing... she will have a great rack. :)