Monday, December 12, 2005

Giraffe Lovers

These are my Giraffe lovers that are obviously necking. I was doing a series on camoflodge and being hidden in ones skin and they started as a part of that series but have become their own series now.
I love their sweet faces and elegant gestures.

Another Rooster

Crow Loudly

This plate is a new image that I recently started. It is a group of roosters and I just love making them!
What fun they are with all their feathers and cocky spirits!
An excellent animal to draw and make up stories about.
This ones name is Chouder.

New Shiny Pictures from my Last Show!!

This Platter is a little dark because of the lighting at the show. In reality it is a bit more white than the image. The whole saying on the platter is, " the voice of the frog is a gift of song from God."
I especially am excited about the flies in the background.