Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finished Cut Outs and a new design...

Here is the new design for the Cut Out cups. This design is inspired by these Silver Sebring hens. Wonderfully beautiful chickens that are fascinating in color and pattern.

And here are the finished Cut Out cups, pitcher and gravy boat. Me and Will have used these and both like the design.
We agree there needs to be a few minor adjustments such as a larger oval spaces for the fingers.

Clay Tip of the Day:
The best tool you have when you are building with clay is your own saliva. Whether you are fixing a tear, or attaching a wetter piece of clay to a dryer piece, your own saliva is the best adhesive. **Please note: I do recommend knowing the ingredients of your clay body so as not to toxify yourself.....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Introducing....the Cut Out Series

After the show this spring, I wanted a new approach to form. Having used the same forms over and over for the past year or so and I was ready for some change. When we were in the airport on our way home from St. Paul last week I saw this woman with a intriguing handbag. It was very simple, just a rectangle really, with an oval cut out for the handle. Immediately out came the old sketchbook and I started drawing. These are the pieces that came from those sketches.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I Know I am Delinquent......

I have been horrible about posting......
But! I have great intentions to do better!
This summer I am going to be working on a bunch of different projects but on the top of the list is reconnecting with my blogging friends and catching up with all the amazing work y'all have been doing.
In the mean time.......Here are some big bowls I have been making. They are about 36 inches tall. Inside the bowls, at the bottom, a secret is carved. The bowls are just tall enough that you can't read the secret unless you break the bowls.

Would you be tempted? By a secret? To break such a big bowl?
Would you get out the magnifying glass and try to read the mystery at the bottom of the pot?
And in the end, if the secret was unreachable, and you broke the pot, what if the secret was silly? What if the secret was earth shattering?
The conundrum of the Secret Bowls....

I know the pieces are hard to see because they are still green so I will post better pictures when they are fired.