Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crazy New Colors

Here are some crazy new colors for the upcoming Whimsical Show at the Marshall Gallery in Greensboro, NC.
Love Love Love the Chartreuse glaze....thank you Margaret Bohles for sharing the Showstopper Glaze.

This pink is a La Guna store bought to use for my new niece's pink rabbits for her pink room. But I like it so much I will probably use it on some of the pieces for the show.

A group of rabbits.

And the finished Crazy Monster in my Head sculpture. I don't know how I feel about the super shininess of this glaze. It seems to be distracting in spots. I wonder if it wouldn't have been more successful in the matte turquoise. But alas, I took a risk and there is no changing it now.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Studio and a new rooster

I think I mentioned before that we moved. We moved into the cutest log cabin ever made. It is absolutely the most wonderful piece of out of Hansel and Gretel with diamond glass windows and wooden walls and floors. It came with an old shed that Will calls the barn. That is my new studio that he has been working so hard to fix up for me. These pictures are of my actual working studio. I just painted the crows on the floor today. I think they look pretty snappy!

And here is the latest rooster. No feet? Yes...I had an accident with the last one when I loaded the kiln and knocked a leg off. I decided that they were too much trouble and too fragile to be sensible.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back Again

We were off to upstate NY where my hubby's family has a lake house on Lake Ontario. Oh!!! what a vacation. Sun, waves, body surfing, family parties and just plain old relaxation!
11 days of good food and trashy novels! What more could you ask for?
While I was there I did spend a little time working on my soon to be born niece's goodies. Some baby booties and a toddler's jacket. Here they are.

I will say that the sweater is a little bit difficult. These Make It Yourself books were written in the 70's and the patterns are not as well constructed as newer patterns. This sweater is made from the top down with lace weight cotton. I fear that the way the sleeves are made there will be bunching at the underarms, though in the picture it looks snug enough. I have now read the pattern a couple of times and think I can work it out....we will see if my crochet skills are up to snuff.

The baby booties were a pattern found on ravelry! Thank you Miss Mouse for signing me up!