Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The heat has been outrageous this summer! You would think that being a potter and one who works around kilns and flame that I would be a little more tolerant of heat........a no. I am grumpy and itchy and edgy and unable to sit still. So to ease away the waves of hot humidness that is life here in the south.....some pictures of fun stuff to make you smile....

Frieda out by the studio

KiKi in the yard

Blue and Chickweed asleep on the couch.

Bird Bird, Kimy and Frieda in the gallery

Friday, July 09, 2010

Meditation Hut

Last year I started the New Year with a resolution to meditate each day. When I began, the process was strange, unfamiliar and hard to accomplish. As the days went by, I began to see the benefits of this old, amazing process. I was more centered, calmer, less anxious.....my mind was less unruly, and I felt more connected to everything. Alas, for many reasons, my practice of this magical art eventually declined as I got busy in my fall season.
Well, long story short, Will (sweetest husband ever) made me this beautiful and super cute meditation hut to inspire a new practice to begin.
As soon as it is ready I am going to paint it and begin decorating. I can't wait!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Organization versus Chaos

Which one are you?

After visiting a good friend and fellow artist this month...Ms. Cynthia of The Fairies Nest, She took me see her studio. Not only was it a beautiful space, but compared to my studio we could all agree that it was immaculate. The floor was clean, the work space was organized, the fabrics were all labeled, books were on shelves.....and the most awesome part.....there was clean space to work. Hmmmmmmm.....imagine that.....a clean table to work on without having to clear a space.....this is an artists dream. I have written about this before. My need to work in chaos. I don't enjoy it. I crave order. But it is just not to be. I will say this though.....at least i haven't gone this far.....Francis Bacon's Studio.....yet.

In the book Encounters with Great Painters Bacon states, "My personality has several facets. For example, I like perfection. I even like perfection on a grand scale. In a sense, I'd like to live in a very grand house; but since one makes such a mess when one paints, I prefer to live in clutter, on a pile of broken objects and memories. I think all of us have these two sides. One side craves order, the other craves chaos. We have to fight to impose order."
Well said Mr. Bacon. If you substitute clay in there for painting you have my studio in a nutshell.
There is a part of me that wants to clean it all up and start over organized and clutter free. Then there is a part of me that wants to, like Bacon, surrender to the madness and let it all become a frenzy of clay.
So which one are you?