Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Honor of New Years...........

I present the heaviest, most time consuming cake I have ever made. We are going over to a friends house for dinner tonight and I wanted to bring dessert. In these days of diets and carb watching, people who like to bake rarely get a chance to stretch their culinary wings. Anytime we are invited over I always raise my hand to bring the dessert.

Will loves carrot cake and I have a wonderful old recipe that makes a great cake every time. But this year a friend gave me a Martha Stewart Cookbook and I wanted to see how hers compared. Well, let me tell you it is definitely a more time consuming cake by about 3 hours. It is also a silly cake. It is so elaborate that I wonder if it will even taste good with all the extra sugar added by the layer of candied carrots on top. ( Though I love the color and the glistening sugary surface of the cake with the addition.) I will let you know what the verdict is after the dinner tonight.

***Update...this was The best cake I have ever made. Love, Love, Love, it! And worth the extra time spent. A huge success...Thanks Martha!****

Sunday, December 21, 2008

One Day When the Sky Grew Black with Birds.....

Three days ago, while I was finishing the Bird Girl painting, I heard a super loud explosion of someone shooting a shotgun. Scared for the dogs, I ran outside the studio to see the sky black with vultures. Here in North Carolina, we have 2 types of vultures, Turkey Buzzards ( with the unfeathered reddish head ) and Black Vultures.
These were the black vultures swarming in the sky, settling in the trees, big bodies heavy on the branches. I was so excited to see so many at once. There must have been 40 birds flying over the house and studio, quiet except the rustling of their feathers as they flapped against the wind.
Will and I stood watching in awe, the big birds leaving their shadows across our shoulders blocking the sun.
The next day we came home to them again roosting in the trees behind our house. I ran out to the woods and stood directly under the birds, them staring down at me not moving not scared. It was a mystical experience for me to be in the presence of such large birds. I felt very blessed to have had that moment in time, my only regret is that I didn't have the camera to share the sight.

Trees outside the studio

Finished Bird Girl painting

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And the Winner is.....

Sorry I took so long in getting this give-away finished but I had to convince Hubby to give up the hat for the drawing. Isn't he cute?

And the winner is Corrine!
Of Jafabrit!
Congratulations Corrine
And Merry Happy Holidays to everyone from me and Will!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Gift!

I have been inspired by all my favorite bloggers out there who have been hosting a give-a-way on there blogs. I want to join in!

Blogging has become such a happy part of my day. First thing in the morning I sit in the kitchen with a cup of coffee looking at your blogs, and being so delighted when someone leaves me a comment. I feel like ya'll are a special part of my day. And to thank all of you out there who leave sweet comments that make my day, I am offering this bowl.
Just leave a comment on this post in the next week and your name will be entered into a hat for a drawing. Whoever Hubby pulls out of the hat wins the bowl.

Some new images...

I have been searching to reach out to new images in my work.
Here are 2 new ideas.
The first one is an image of the tree makers. Siamese Twins that create trees with their hair. These girls are a fairy tale I have been making for about a year. I haven't been able to finish the story but I thought I might try to when my season is over.

The second is obviously crows. I was inspired by some images of MC Esher's that Robyn has on her blog. My negative space makes up nothing but I like the movement in the air.

Speaking of new ideas..

I have been thinking of starting a series of flowers and trees. I want them to take on the appearance of tattoos...very graphic, I guess I have to say kinda Southern Gothic meets Victorian. We will have to see what happens.
What do you think?

Monday, December 01, 2008

A Feast fit for a Queen and King.......

Well, we are not quite a King and Queen but we sure had a meal fit for Royalty. Thanksgiving was a beautiful day full of love and a thankfulness for all we have been blessed with. All the wonderful traditional items graced our plates as we sat in the sunny backyard. The dogs crowded around our feet waiting knowingly for their plates of turkey and gravy.
Isn't Will (hubby) just the happiest man alive waiting so patiently for me to take the picture so he can dive in.

I was feeling very rosey this week. Here is a finished rose bottle and a vase carved just yesterday. I love this pattern. It reminds me of tattoos which I also love.

Some rooster salt and pepper shakers. These are glazed in a new glaze called Amber Celadon. If anyone wants this recipe let me know.The color is fabulous in person and look better with another color behind it....alas.

Some Meany Head Mugs

A crazy box with a little crazy man inserted in the chest. And the crow heart box. This one is my favorite right now and I bring it in the house with me to look over things while we are getting ready for the home show this weekend.

And last but not least some nuthatches flitting across the breast of this pot.