Sunday, August 23, 2009

Finishing the snake and what follows...

Well, I finished the snake. Will had to get up on our tallest ladder to take this picture and you still can't really see the image that well. The new owner said she was going to put it up this weekend so I may be able to take a picture of the the snake installed in it's new home this week sometime. YAY!
I have been obsessed with circles and geometric designs as of late. I used to work with these patterns a lot in the late 90's and left them off for bigger surface space for imagery. Now they are creeping back and taking over. And boy are my hands tired!

Saturday, August 08, 2009


This is the project I have been obsessssssssing over the past couple of weeks. A friend of mine, who is also my delightful massage therapist, ordered this series of tiles to go along her wall at the ceiling. She is a great lover of wildlife and nature so we came up with this swamp theme featuring the main character Susie the snake. She is not one certain type of snake, all though I did use the copperhead as a sort of model. I had great fun creating each tile with all of it's hidden animals and plants. On the back of the tiles are fun facts about each animal and quotes about them that I found from famous people. I added a couple of little sayings of my own. There are 13 tiles in all, each measuring 14 x 12 inches a piece. Right now as I write, 5 tiles are in the kiln glazing away.....keep your fingers crossed that they don't warp or crack.......

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Wow! It's been too long

We've been on the road again. First to Cleveland, Ohio, then across and up to Lake Ontario in NY, and finally a straight shot back home to NC. Whew!...( all with the three dogs!) ...and though we had such a wonderful time.....
We are glad to be home.
I have missed everyone and can't wait to catch up on the blogisphere and all my blogging friends. I know y'all have been up to some great art and can't wait to see what magic you all have created. Until I get myself together enough to post a new looooooong project that I have been obsessing over, here are some pics of the vacation.

Hope all of you are having the best of summers!