Friday, March 19, 2010

London, I miss you

HELLO everyone! (Big wave)
We are home from our fascinating and lovely trip to London.
It was a total whirlwind of museums, food, long walks and sadly some sneezing and snuffling.
But we will talk only of the good part of being in one of the world's most wonderful cities.
Each time we go my heart feels at home. The history of the city is overwhelming. It amazes me how Londoners can walk the streets and not gasp at each building as I do. We found a couple of new places this year that truly were unusual and very exciting to visit.
Sir John Soane's Museum is a wonder of sculpture, paintings, and unusual artifacts. The whole house is stuffed to the rafters....literally.
Another interesting place was the Welcome Collection. The Medicine Man collection contains everything from Napoleon's toothbrush to chastity belts....Japanese sex aids to George the Third's hair. Amazing all.

Now for a couple of pictures of good ole London.....

The British Museum ceiling

A new exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in process.

The Westminister Cathedral facade with Will in his favorite hat.