Sunday, April 29, 2007

updated paintings

Cedar trees

Me and my parents went to my neighbors back yard to paint these lovely old cedar trees> Here is my started painting.

Happy Birthday!

to me!!!!
'My mother-in-law and her husband Dick gave me a gift certificate to so that I could buy these amazing books!
I am so excited about the Irish crochet. It is a lot like free form crochet but of course more complicated and tedious. The stitches have to be really small and precise and controlled. Because they use a cord on which to crochet I am having to relearn how to hold all the threads so that they stay tight and in place. It really is an amazing craft and I plan to master it one day I suspect far into the future.
I am still working on Will's sweater the Jolly Roger from the Happy Hooker and have progressed a bit. I am thinking I will finish it on the way to NY this summer for our vacation.

My mom gave me this knitting novel to read. I'm sure it will be sappy and cute and leave you feeling good. And I say what's wrong with that? We need more feel good moments in our lives.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Here is the original set up...the front of the studio.

New Painting

I started this painting last week. It was my set up for Mom and Dad's lesson. It's not finished but I am waiting for some drying time. I like the way the colors and light are coming along. Some of the angles are bothering me though and I will have to see how the whole thing comes together in the end.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A brain to eat?

Will teaches a class every couple of years where the students are required to watch an autopsy video. After which he brings in this chemistry jar with a brain floating in it. It never fails that one student will ask him to eat the brain and then of course, Will obliges...much to the horror of the students. This is the brain before Will took it to school. It was made with peach jello and condensed milk and a super cool jello mold that can be purchased at 1-800-autopsy. I have to say that it is a pretty real looking brain and it is slimy and shiny. I still get grossed out looking at it.