Thursday, July 09, 2009

The eyes are watching, always watchinhg....

Here are the eye bottles finished. I am liking the color, the crackles, the eyes.....but the shininess is a little too shiny? Is that possible? Too seems almost like saying too much icing...As IF!
But I am saying it. Too Shiny.
Too much like candy. It makes the bottles look commercially made.
I would like to tone it down just a little.

Now the glaze on the eye box is one that I am in love with. I think it gives the eye design more depth and more creep...that is a creepy feel.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

New Clay Work

More Ophelia.....she is an obsession and she is everywhere. Drawings, paintings, clay....everywhere. I love her.

And the the eye bottles of which there are 3.

And finally another crazy monster bottle with lots of heads on the surface.

Recently, I have been making lots of clay work, finishing orders, and thinking. Thinking about what direction I would like the forms to take. Mostly I am thinking about pushing the boundaries of the forms I am used to making. So far I am only thinking in sketches. When I get some nailed down hopefully they will be good enough to share....

Happy 4th everyone!!!