Sunday, February 03, 2013

New Year....more blogging!

  I know I have really been MIA for the past many months......
We have had many life changes recently that have prevented me from being more active online. But now I am back with a renewed interest in keeping this blog up and running. Hope you all have hung in there with me.
  So after a wonderful experience teaching Winter Term at Elon University in January, I was a little rusty going back in the clay studio. When I have been out of the studio for some time I always try to start slow, making pieces that are easier and relatively small. I made some mugs.

  I have been thinking about cups, mugs and such for a long time. My favorite mug in the house is a smaller mug which holds about a cup and a half of liquid. I like the size because it is perfect for one hot cup of coffee. The smaller size keeps the coffee hot until I finish. I find that if I use a large mug the coffee gets cold half way through and that makes me grumpy.
  But when I have been at some recent shows I have had requests for larger mugs. ( Apparently I am among the minority of small mug lovers.) So I decided to venture in to large mug arena. Here are the first two.
I am enamored of this new pattern. It screams to me of the 60's mod era.