Tuesday, April 28, 2009


National Geographic is a favorite magazine of mine. A couple of months ago, they published an issue showing many animals that are extinct and some that are going to be extinct in the near future. I was disturbed by this more than I expected. Really disturbed. So much that the images followed me into my dreams.
I think when we are pursued by a thought, a lingering image that we are meant to pursue back. In an earlier post I opened up the old sketch book and showed an image of the Dusky Seaside Sparrow. A small bird that is now extinct. I felt for this little fellow.
Here is my painting of the Sparrow.
The start of the series.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Voila! I present the first painting I have started and finished in a month in a long, long time.
I am done. No question marks. No doubts. Done.
This is a statement that I can't usually make for years.

How do we know when pieces are finished? With the pots there is a definite ending. When the whole piece is carved it is done. But a painting is so ephemeral...so vague....so squishy. I always struggle to know when to let it be done. I have ruined many a painting not recognizing when the painting had had enough.
This one just said it. I'm done.

Some New Work and Random Acts of Art Around Here....

A large brown Owl bowl.

A Murder of Crows

A Gift for the Fairy Tree.
( i secretly suspect that fairies live in this tree. don't tell anyone)

And the Crazy Rabbit Trade from Facebook. These guys hang on the wall and chatter obscenities at their owners.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Going Back to Cali...Cali....Cali, Going Back to Cali.....Hmmm I THINK So!

Can you hear LL Cool J in the back ground?
So, I am going to be in San Diego California for a trunk show with my good friend and jewelry designer extraordinaire Diane Owens.
I am super excited to revisit this wonderful town. Last year I met the most fabulous people and had a wonderful time seeing the beautiful coastline of Cali.
If anyone out there in the blogisphere is in San Diego, or close by, and wants to come to the show the particulars are:

The Diane Owens and Friends Trunk Show
Saturday May 2nd.
4970 Mansfield St.
San Diego, California

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Facebook Rabbits and Such....

Lately I have fallen prey to the seduction of Facebook.
I refused the siren call of "Crackbook" (as it is often called) for a long while. I resisted the tales from facebook lovers of meeting up with old friends....reconnecting with family....
And then, my sweet friend Diane told me of all the business opportunities on Facebook so I joined.
My hubby would roll his eyes and say, "Yeah, right." But one can always pretend.

Anyway, I have had a great time on Facebook so far....too much fun because I spend way too much time online. One of the great things that has happened is I have met up with some amazing artists. There is a small group of NC artists that I have had the best time exchanging rabbit/evil bunny pictures. We all decided to exchange actual work and I received my first evil monster bunny yesterday. He arrived in a cool package decorated with a sweet pink bunny drawing. Then out he came wrapped in gauze. Will was taken aback by his appearance. So, we slowly unraveled the gauze and Mr. Crazy Bunny was there!He is super detailed carrying a bloody knife behind his back. And he has an incredible face when his bloody mask comes off.
He is AMAZING! and a little scary. I was almost afraid to sleep with him in the house but I think he likes me.

Although, the night before he arrived, I heard some strange screams out in the woods behind our house.....

Artist: Andrew Sedberry
felt, buttons, fimo, fabric, awesomeness....

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Easter Chicks and Bottles

So I found this cute pattern for crocheted Easter egg covers and couldn't resist.
Mine look a little bit crazed and are definitely not as cute as the original pattern but I still love them. This is a free pattern posted under Donna's Crochet Patterns. Go have a look at the originals! They are super sweet.

And.......even more bottles. Who knew one person could hang on to one shape for so long? I reached the sticky point in this 100 bottle project around the 45-50th bottles. (See post here about said sticky point.) I was just hating myself for even thinking up the challenge. But now, I can barely convince myself to make anything else but bottles. These new skinny ones are my favorites so far. The shape beckons to me and I just want to fill up a whole room with them.

Monday, April 06, 2009


Well, this month I am approaching another birthday. Never have I been one to deny my age or wrinkles for that matter but this time ....... I have to admit I am dreading another year older. Hate to say it but I think with this birthday the blog and I need a makeover. A growin up so to speak. So I am here by relinquishing the name of Painter Girl and am changing to Leanne. I had the name painter girl for awhile now. And though it is fun and flippy, I think this year it is time to grow up. I thought about adopting another name but Leanne fits the way I feel right now. Paired down and simple.
So hear is to another year! Happy year older to me and to everyone...