Friday, July 01, 2011

Oh Balls!

When we started thinking about the Alien Show (see this post) I tried to imagine what an alien would look like, what an alien would sound like, how they procreate. There is a lot of alien imagery out in cyberspace and it is hard not to be influenced by it. I wanted to bring my own ideas to the table. But in the end, I think the seduction was too strong and many of my aliens take after the Greys. (more explanation here) (picture here)

The theory about their reproduction, generally, is that they clone to reproduce.....but that sounds so boring. No romance, no sex.....boring. Right?
Anyhooo, in my mind, they are hatched from eggs.....spiky bright turquoise eggs, spiky mottled green eggs....

But now that the aliens show is over, I began to think of these balls as decorative pieces. I can see them running down a big glass coffee table. Put in flower planters. Nestled in a big wooden bowl.....the list goes on.

This week I have taken the spikes off the balls and carved them instead. My next move is making the pieces as big as will fit the kiln and use them as floor pieces. Here are some of the balls running across the grass. They are unglazed as of yet.....