Friday, June 29, 2007

Carving the Queen and then....Off with her Head!!!

So like I said in an earlier post, I made the queen too tall for the kiln so I carved her and then sadly I had to cut off her head. It will be glued back on after firing.
I had the idea of the roses on her body being like tattoos across her chest. I was going to carve an image of the queen in her garden underneath the roses. But I liked the rose pattern so much that it began to be a dress that she is wearing
I can't wait to piece her back together so I can really see the end result.


Eero said...

I was just looking over your recent posts---dang, you are productive, girl! I am impressed. The Queen is amazing--I really like the rose/tattoo designs, too. Lots of work put into that.


gray la gran said...

does her head get cut off i the book? i don't remember anything anymore! but, do like the idea that her head has to come off for the firing :)
her dress is pretty cool! i'll take the same print in silk :)

Anne Custis Kenealy said...

Lewis Carroll would be tickled, I think, that the queen's head had to come off. I love watching your blog to see which character will emerge next!

painter girl said...

Hey Anne,
Thanks for coming by.
I am going to post the finished Alice, Rabbit and Duchess tomorrow when they arrive...hopefully as I want them to be....fresh from the kiln.
Wish them luck.

painter girl said...

Thanks Erro and Miss Grey.
No her head stays on much to my fact everyones head stays on in the story. But in the show the queen will be surrounded by heads.

I was thinking about that fabric....